How you can support the AT movie…


Our goal is to make a definitive film about the Appalachian Trail, exploring both its rich history and its contemporary significance. Chris (Frost) thru-hiked the AT in 2013, and along the way he captured an amazing storyline in film and photographs. We have also filmed many interviews with contemporary leaders and authorities of the AT who have shed rich light on the trail’s heritage. Now we face a lot of expenses to finish the film as we envision it. We have been developing quotes with talented animators who will craft the map that illustrates the trail’s progress, and we’ve been in conversation with world-class musicians about creating original music for the score. Those are just two aspects of a post-production plan that is very ambitious. We’re reaching out to a broad community of backers to donate to the film’s budget and empower us to do the best work we can in finishing it. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is receiving contributions to the film’s budget which means that a portion of your donation will be tax-deductible. The money you contribute will go directly towards making this a better movie, a film befitting this national treasure of a trail. We’ll send you our thanks and a reward for your contribution, and you will become a valuable part in the realization of this film. Please visit the link below where you can make a pledge with your credit card.

Click here to donate:

Or to donate by phone call (304) 535-6331, extension 119 (ask for Anna), and specify that you are contributing to The Long Start to the Journey film production.

Thank you for supporting this film. You can be sure that we will be working hard to create a movie that you’ll be proud of!


The Rewards (please note the donation level at which each reward is available; click here for more images of the rewards):

$15 – 15 Wallpapers for your computer desktop: these 1920×1200 images were all taken during Chris’s thru-hike. See a sample here.

$18 – The Long Start Patch to attach to your backpack or wherever you like. This reward also includes the wallpapers from the $15 level.

$23 – “Chapinlara”: receive a password to watch the 6-minute film based about Chapinlara, a fellow thru-hiker who I interviewed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Chapin was one of the most interesting individuals I met on the trail, and at 70 years old he was probably the oldest person to complete a thru-hike this year. This reward includes everything from the $15 level.

$25 – “Coming Home,” a whitewater DVD about running rivers around the world. Click here to watch the trailer. Includes $23 level rewards.

$28 – Digital download of The Long Start to the Journey film when it is released. Includes rewards from the $23 level.

$30 – Set of 5 Appalachian Trail note cards made from images taken during Chris’s hike with information about each image on the back. Includes $23 level rewards.

$35 – The Long Start to the Journey DVD. Get the movie on DVD before it is released to the public or shown in theaters. Includes $23 level rewards.

$45 – Get a signed copy of The Long Start to the Journey DVD before it’s available to the public.

$50 – The Green Race Movie: receive one of the last remaining copies of Chris’s first film, a documentary about a class V whitewater race in North Carolina. Click here to watch the trailer. Includes $23 level rewards and a thank you in the film’s credits.

$60 – 2 Whitewater DVD’s: receive copies of both Coming Home and The Green Race Movie. Also receive all rewards from the $23 level and a set of 5 Applachian Trail note cards.

$180 – Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX: One of Vasque’s most popular hiking shoes, the Breeze comes with a water-proof Gore-tex membrane and a light, breathable mesh and leather upper. With this reward you can outfit yourself for hiking and know that you helped make the documentary film about the trail your walking on (perhaps). If you select this reward we’ll contact you by e-mail to get your sizing and color choice information. The reward also includes everything from the $23 level.

$200 – “The Green Tunnel,” a gallery-wrap canvas print of the famous grassy lanes in Shenandoah National park. Click here to see an image of this fine art print. This reward includes everything from the $23 level and a thank you in the film’s credits. The print dimensions are 11 x 16 inches. Includes all rewards from the $23 level and a thank you in the credits.

$250 – “Sunrise on Blood Mountain,” a framed fine art print from the trail. This photograph was taken on the third morning of my thru-hike when we woke up to a beautiful ice storm on top of Blood Mountain. This giclee print is professionally framed with conservation glass by Black Bird Frame and Art of Asheville, NC. Click here to see the framed print. Total dimensions with frame are 12 x 22 inches. This reward includes everything from the $23 tier and a thank you in the credits.

$250 – A half-day photo shoot with Chris Gallaway in the Asheville, NC area: Choose your subject (your family, your car, the new line of clothing you designed), and Chris will dedicate a 4-hour shoot to helping you capture great images of it. You will get the complete set of hi-res digital images as well as a select group of touched-up & edited files after the shoot.

$400 – “White Pines, Vermont,” a framed canvas print from the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. The print is professionally framed with a robust, black border by Black Bird Frame and Art in Asheville, NC and can be hung in either vertical or horizontal orientation (please specify your preference). Click here to see an image of the print. Total dimensions with frame are 17.5 x 25.5 inches. This rewards includes everything from the $23 level and a thank you in the credits.

$750 – A Guided Hike with Frost & Sunshine: For this reward, Chris (Frost) and Sunshine will plan a three-night, four-day backpacking trip with you in the Appalachian Mountains. We’ll work together to plan an itinerary, choosing a location for the hike somewhere in the Souteastern US (between Georgia and Virginia) and a time when we can all go together. You will be responsible for transporting yourself (plus a friend/spouse if you want) to the trail head, and we will provide the meals. We have some gear that you can use on loan, but it’s very helpful if you already own the essentials for backpacking (tent, sleeping bag and pad, rain gear, etc.). Contact us through e-mail if you have any questions (! This reward includes everything in the $23 tier, a thank you in the film’s credits, and a copy of the DVD. (Only one of this reward left at this time.)

$3,000 – The Complete Package: This reward includes almost everything offered here: 1) receive an “Associate Producer” credit in the end titles of the film, and join us at our house in Asheville, NC to screen the unfinished film and give your feedback, 2) get the Long Start calendar and postcards AS WELL AS a signed copy of the DVD before it is available anywhere, 3) get “The White Pines, Vermont” framed 16-by-24-inch canvas print, 4) get a signed copy of the movie poster, and 5) receive our heartfelt gratitude. (You are welcome to bring a plus-1 for the dinner and screening. The dinner is only available to those who can travel to the Asheville, North Carolina area). This reward also includes everything in the $23 tier.